Civil Works

SDAG Construction offers solutions for engineering works with excellent technology.

We show you the essence of engineering construction that respects the environment and enriches life.

Civil Engineering, the basis of construction, is the essence that supports the environment which man lives in. SDAG has already produced many work that contributed in accomplishing such environment.

  • Hantan River Dam
    한탄강댐 본댐 및 부대시설공사.jpg
  • Western Highway (Suwon~Gwangmyung) BTO Project
    수도권서부(수원~광명) 고속도로 민간투자사업.jpg
  • Port Facilities Works and Building Construction of Shipyard in Maritime Police Command
    정비창 시설공사.jpg
  • Western Main Underground Road BTO Project
    서부간선지하도로 민간투자사업 건설공사(BTO).jpg
  • Construction of Jinwi 3 Industrial Complex in Pyeongtaek
    평택진위3 산업단지.jpg
  • Multiple Subway Line for Hanam Line(Area4)
    하남선(상일~검단산) 복선전철 4공구 건설공사.jpg