Civil Works

SDAG Construction offers solutions for engineering works with excellent technology.

We show you the essence of engineering construction that respects the environment and enriches life.

Civil Engineering, the basis of construction, is the essence that supports the environment which man lives in. SDAG has already produced many work that contributed in accomplishing such environment.

  • Hantan River Dam
    1.한탄강댐 본댐 및 부대시설공사.jpg
  • Sungnam~Yeoju double track electrical railway Section 6
    2.아래-성남~여주 복선전철 건설공사 6공구.jpg
  • Poseung~Pyeongtaek Railway (Section 1)
    1.위-포승~평택간 철도건설사업(1공구).jpg
  • Construction for Expressway from Yeongdeok to O-san (Local Road No. 311) Zone 1
    1.위-영덕~오산간 광역도로건설사업(지방도311호선) 제1공구.jpg
  • Han-River Rehabilitation Project (Yeoju, Section 4)
    1.한강살리기 6공구(여주4지구) 사업.jpg
  • Basement Parking Lot under Pedestrian-Oriented Street Road in front of Hongik University
    2.아래-홍대 걷고싶은거리 지하주차장(BTO).jpg