Corporate Identity Information

Let me introduce CI of SDAG.

SDAG Construction builds a better tomorrow with human respect and trust in mind.

Four corporate philosophies of SDAG Construction

for person
  • Create value of Buildings for Public Interest

  • Develop Korea’s global future with advanced construction technology

  • Improving the quality of life and happiness through space

  • Gain customers trust through steady financing and sincere construction.

Expressing the will of SDAG Construction which aims to create safe and high-quality space based on the four human-centered corporate philosophies.


Symbol Color

Symbolizes humans coexisting with nature
Pantone 355 C
RGB R - 0 G - 148 B - 48
CMYK C - 100 M - 11 Y - 100 K - 2
Symbolizes a safe and sound construction company through compliance with principles and sincerity construction
Pantone Process Black C
RGB R - 0 G - 0 B - 0
CMYK C - 75 M - 68 Y - 67 K - 90