Human Resources

We recruit talented people who can lead change with future-oriented thinking.

SDAG People

  • Belief
    Strong Basic
    Most innovation starts from strong basics, it allows to achieve goals step by step. Which will make SDAG Construction’s vision possible.
  • Creativeness
    Challenge the impossible
    Impossible is only a word, to whom can create new value with fortitude, rich knowledge and idea.

Hiring Procedure

Position system

Promotion System

  • Operate fair and rational Human Resource system based on employee's ability and performance
  • Operate special promotion system so that talented people with superior ability and performance can be selected

Salary System

Annual salary system
  • Promotion of performance-based organizational culture and capacity improvement by differentiation of salary system according to individual performance
  • Performance based award system

Awards system

Performance bonus now
  • Operate personal incentive system based on performance in connection with goals
Long-term employee awards
  • long-term employee awards(10 years, 20 years, 30 years)
  • Excellent department (Site), excellent staff, proposal reward, no-accident award, etc.

Vacation and Benefits

  • Expenditure support for family event.
  • Summer and Winter Vacation
  • Support for employ association and club
  • Employee comprehensive medical testing
  • Group Insurance
  • Contributes employee and long-term employee
  • Self-development support (language, certification)