Building Works

SDAG construction is making the leading construction technology of the times.

We build technologically
outstanding and beautiful city.

The ability of SDAG to appreciate and not only the trees but also the whole forest is contribution in the city as a whole. SDAG endeavors to build the prosperous and beautiful world.

  • Korea Meteorological Administration Building
    기상청 청사.jpg
  • KT Building in Yeoido
    여의도 빌딩.jpg
  • Police Comprehensive Academy
  • Northern Branch of Seoul Distrct Public Prosecutor's Office
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation Choongbuk Area Head Office
    2.아래-한국전력공사 충북지역본부.jpg
  • Korea Machinery Auction & Exchange Trading Place
    1.위-기계거래소 매매장터.jpg