Landscape Works

SDAG Construction will create a space co-exist with nature.

Create a space where nature and human be together.

SDAG Construction will create a space that is environmentally friendly and joyful for better environment that also could be shared with nature.

  • Onepo Park Reorganization Construction
    원포공원 재정비사업.jpg
  • Wolpi-dong Urban Regeneration Hanbit Children's Park Environmental Improvement Construction
    월피동 도시재생 한빛어린이공원 환경개선공사.jpg
  • Construction of a civic garden in Bird Ecology Park
    조류생태공원 시민정원 조성공사.jpg
  • 2021 Green Zone Maintenance Project in the Park The 1st District(Shinjung-dong)
    2021년 공원 내 녹지대 유지관리공사(제2지구(신중동)).jpg
  • Maintenance Project around Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    경기도립 미술관주변 정비공사.jpg
  • Eoullim Park Environmental Improvement Project
    어울림공원 환경개선사업.jpg