Subcontractor Recruit

Shindongah General Construction is looking for partners to expend together.

Recruit and Eligibility

  • Holds a specialized construction business license under the Basic Law of the Construction Industry
  • A company with a professional construction license for more than 5 years
  • Companies ranked 10% or less for the local industry contracted amount
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Credit rating grade B or higher
  • A company with capital in earthworks, reinforced concrete 1 billion won, and other licenses 500 million won or more
  • Engineering field Registered company
  • A company without sanctions under the Construction Act
  • Prefer company with patent, new technology, special construction method, equipment ownership

Application Schedule

Registration procedure
  • 1. Application Issue and Registration
  • 2. Application Evaluation and Confirm
  • 3. Confirmation Notification
Application Schedule
  • Beginning of October-End of October
  • 15 days after Application registered date
  • Individually notified after Evaluation Process

Registration Card(SDAG Form) Issue and Register

Download Required Documents from SDAG Homepage
  • Register(by Mail) 14, Janggunbong 2-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, KOREA
  • Tel No. +82-2-596-0304
  • Online Register Further notice will be posted on SDAG Homepage


  • 1. The submitted documents will not be returned and will be used for registration purpose only.
  • 2. If the registrant and the submitted documents are inadequate or false, they will be excluded from the examination.
  • 3. Attached documents can be submitted by postal mail, visiting, or online. In the case of postal mailing, the deadline is valid until postmarked.
  • 4. Please specify the registration type in the upper left corner of the registration form.
  • 5. For other inquiries, please contact the reception.