BI Information

Let me introduce BI of SDAG.

European Signature Life Blois
Blois is a high-end 'European Signature Life' which means "Blois Castle" of the royal palace of the medieval France.
We will create a high-end living space ahead of the times with the value from the city Blois, which was the home for the royal family.
The logo is a combination of a water drop, which is a source of life, and the character B, which is the initial of BLOIS.
This logo contains our vision "we bet the better place!" and a meaning "give life to space."
It represents the BLOIS spirit, creating the better place with full of vitality like a water drop which brings life to the dry ground.

Four Core Values of Blois

  • High-end residence cultural space
    Beautiful Blois

    Creating a beautiful and elegant residential culture that incorporates various cultural contents of European style.

  • Space, where people and nature are united as one.
    Balance Blois

    Create a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly living space that blends people, nature and the environment.

  • The better place
    Basic Blois

    Convenient and safe house, healthy and pleasant house.

  • The best space that creates happiness
    Best Blois

    We make the happiest space people with the over 50 years of know-how who think.


Signature Color

  • PANTONE P 112-12 U
    • C - 55
    • M - 15
  • Pantone P 108-16 U
    • CMYK
    • C - 100
    • M - 80
    • Y - 30
    • K - 80