Housing Works

SDAG Construction is creating a new paradigm of residential cultural space.

We create a perfect harmony between man and environment.

In the world SDAG is building, man and environment exist in harmony. SDAG strives to realize a more convenient and clean living environment.

  • Hwasung Dongtan Private Participation Apartment Section 2 (Block A86)
    화성동찬2지구 A86블록 민간참여 건설공사.jpg
  • Goduk Internationalization Area Apartment (A-9 Block)
    고덕국제화계획지구 A-9블럭 공동주택 건설사업.jpg
  • Jeju Gangjeong KOAROO The TERRACE BLOIS
    제주강정코아루 더테라스 블루아.jpg
  • Geongeon-dong SDAG BLOIS
    건건동 신동아종건 블루이.jpg
  • Pirun-dong SDAG BLOIS
    필운동 신동아종건 블루아.jpg
  • Ttabok 5th Public Apartment
    따복하우스 5차 민간참여 공공주택사업.jpg