Building Works

SDAG construction is making the leading construction technology of the times.

We build technologically
outstanding and beautiful city.

The ability of SDAG to appreciate and not only the trees but also the whole forest is contribution in the city as a whole. SDAG endeavors to build the prosperous and beautiful world.

번호 사업명 발주처 사업기간
304 Construction of Hapjeong Public Parking Lot Incheon Regional Public Procurement Service 2022 ~ 2023
303 Construction of the Third World Mission Center and Cheongsangwan Third World Mission Center 2021 ~ 2021
302 Construction of Eungye Yeoulim Center-1 Siheung City Urban Corporation 2021 ~ 2022
301 Samsung Industrial Co., Ltd. (factory, office, beauty floor) Demolition Construction Namdong Industrial Complex K1 Co., Ltd. 2021 ~ 2021
300 Namdong Industrial Complex K1 Blois Knowledge Industry Center Construction Namdong Industrial Complex K1 Co., Ltd. 2020 ~ 2023
299 345kV Yangju S/S STATCOM Construction Korea Electric Power Corporation 2020 ~ 2022
298 Ansan Haesolcho Care Class Electrical Work Gyeonggido Office of Education 2020 ~ 2020
297 Eondong Middle School Toilet Improvement Works Gyeonggido Office of Education 2019 ~ 2020
296 Construction of Fire Extinguishing Facilities in the Electric Power Zone with Galsan EC Extraction Korea Electric Power Corporation 2019 ~ 2019
295 Installation of the opening of the radiator room on the first floor of Galsan EC Korea Electric Power Corporation 2019 ~ 2019